(Our Reason for Being)
PRISAA Sports Foundation, Inc. is committed to harness the potentials of student-athletes, trainers, coaches, sports directors, physical education instructors, technical officials, and other stakeholders of member-schools for excellence in sports.


(Our Place in the Country’s Sports Development)
PRISAA Sports Foundation, Inc. envisions to be at the forefront of sports development for student-athletes of member-schools who are expected to bring pride, honor and prestige to the association and the country pursuant to Article XIV, Section 19 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, to wit: “(1) The State shall promote physical education and encourage sports programs, league competitions, and amateur sports, including training for international competition, to foster self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry. (2) All education institutions shall undertake regular sports activities throughout the country in cooperation with athletic clubs and other sectors.”


(Our Aspirations in the Nationwide Sports Development)
In pursuing its Mission and Vision, PRISAA endeavors to:

  1. Promote amateur sports among member-schools in the different regions of the country and to develop the Olympic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play;
  2. Foster cooperation, camaraderie, brotherhood, and harmony among memberschools and other affiliates;
  3. Develop and promote comprehensive, implementable, and sustainable sports program for member-schools;
  4. Establish rules and regulations for the successful conduct of sports competitions in all levels of competitions;
  5. Promote the regular conduct of sports competitions among member-schools in the different levels of competitions;
  6. Train and develop coaches, technical officials, and other sports affiliates for the efficient and effective implementation of rules and regulations in the successful conduct of sports competitions;
  7. Establish and maintain linkages and networks with government and nongovernment sports associations, and other stakeholders in the country and abroad for resource generation and sharing; and
  8. Become a self-reliant and viable sports association capable of sustaining its plans, projects, programs, and activities.


(The Ideals We Live By)
In pursuing its Mission, Vision and Goals, PRISAA endeavors to live by with the following Core Values:

  1. Patriotism - We promote love for one’s ancestry, culture, homeland, and wellbeing of our member-schools and student-athletes. We take pride of PRISAA and the ideals it stands for.
  2. Innovation - We value the ideas of our colleagues and constituents as prerequisites for our continuous growth and development to further satisfy the expectations of the viewing public and those we serve.
  3. Nationalism - We are committed in realizing the government objective of building a strong republic through sports. We develop student-athletes who can bring pride, honor, and prestige to the country through the regular conduct of PRISAA sports competitions.
  4. Leadership - We lead by example and influence our people towards the achievement of our mission, vision, and goals. We are committed to the ideals we live by even in the most challenging situations.
  5. Integrity - We conduct all matters with integrity. We focus on the best interest of our member-schools, student-athletes, and other affiliates by being honest and sincere, and remaining fair and ethical all the time.
  6. Teamwork - We work as a team and in partnership with others to develop a high-performing and sustainable sports programs and competitions. We foster collaborative relationships with our member-schools and affiliates in sharing values and goals, build trust and respect, complement skills and expertise, and maximize utilization of resources to ensure an integrated response to the needs of our student-athletes.
  7. Excellence - We strive to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today, and to work continuously to meet and exceed expectations of our member-schools, student-athletes and other affiliates.

Acronyms: P I N L I T E - “Shine, Glow & Grow for a Better Tomorrow”