The College of Arts and Sciences envisions to be the fountainhead for the preservation of culture, the propagation of the arts and the promotion of science and technology through an ambience of academic excellence.


Cognizant of its vision, the College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to promote quality liberal education and professional education in Biology, Psychology, and Communication.


  • Provide a general education program which is relevant and responsive to the needs of the local as well as global community;
  • Equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes and involvement in community activities which will help prepare them for productive life in society;
  • Create an atmosphere of professionalism founded on integrity and ethical standards; and
  • Prepare students for more specialized studies in the fields of biology, psychology, and communication.

Brief History of the College

The College of Arts and Sciences was established in 1962 as the College of Liberal Arts and Education. It started with two (2) four-year courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Foreign Service, and a two-year course in Associate in Arts (A.A.). The initial enrolment was eighteen students under five faculty members.

Previously combined with the College of Education, the college emerged as a separate unit in 1983 to be able to serve the fast increasing student clientele. It offers the following curricular programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The College of Arts and Sciences serves as the service college for all the colleges in the University. Its various curricular programs are designed to meet the different individual interests and potentials of the students and provide an excellent academic environment that shall serve as basis for personal development and professional competence.

It offers the basic course attendant to all curricular programs as the foundation for general education. A broad spectrum of subject matter for personal growth and development helps in the enhancement of cultural values.

The College of Arts and Sciences emphasizes personal discipline and professional responsibility. The course curriculum for each major field of concentration is designed for the broadening of perspectives, the strengthening of moral values, the enhancement of knowledge and the change to appropriate attitudes.

In sum, the College of Arts and Sciences caters to the cultural, intellectual, and physical well being of the student as he enters the world of professional leaders.

Explanation of the College Logo

  • The Atom stands as a symbol for the advancements in science and technology. It represents the commitment of the college to promote among its students knowledge, skills, and values needed to prepare them to cope and thrive amidst changing world realities and to become productive citizens in the future.

  • The Scroll denotes the aspiration of the college in promoting a sense of appreciation for culture and the arts and a better understanding of human nature.

  • The Quill represents a tool for recording information and the rich cultural heritage of the past. It indicates the desire of the college to imbue the students with a sense of truth, justice and the common good.