Old student payment booking procedure


Step 1: Go to https://www.auf.edu.ph on the left side click MyAU (Live), click Parents and Students

Assuming you are Logged in to your MyAU (SchoolAutomate) account

Should you require assistance in accessing your MyAU account please email myau@auf.edu.ph and attach an image of your AUF ID.

Step 2: For viewing of subjects, from the MyAU Menu go to Online Advising Access and click View Advised Subjects & Assessment to view  the subjects and Assessment that you will be taking for the semester.

Step 3: After clicking the View Advised Subjects & Assessment, a print page will appear. It is recommended that you print the Student Enrolment Load for your future reference.

Step 4: Verify the subject(s) and assessment. Should you have concerns with the advised subject(s) and assessment, please contact your college 


4.1 Verify the Subjects(s)

4.2 Verify the Assessment


Step 5. Payment


5.1 BDO /  METROBANK online banking

For online banking option, the payor should be a BDO/Metrobank account holder and the account must be enrolled for online banking service. Scroll through the menu and click ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION.

Please indicate the student name and id number.


5.2 BDO / METROBANK over the counter bills payment

For over-the-counter (OTC) payments using  bills payment facility in any BDO / Metrobank branch, write ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION in the company name.

Please indicate the student name and id number.


Bank payments will be validated the next business day by AUF Cashiers

Official receipts are issued the next business day through the Accounts Management Office.

For  questions and concerns regarding BDO / Metrobank online  banking, you may send them to accounting@auf.edu.ph


(Book an on-site payment  schedule - AUF Main Campus) via Google Calendar Appointment

In order to book a payment appointment, it is required that you use your AUF Gmail account.

If you DO NOT remember or have issues accessing your AUF Gmail account, please contact mailadmin@auf.edu.ph

Otherwise, follow the steps below :

5.3.1 Sign in to your AUF Gmail Account

5.3.2 Click on the  CASHIER 2 or CASHIER 3 button below to view the appointment slot page

Cashier 2

Cashier 3

5.3.3  On the appointment slot page navigate between July 5 onwards to view the available payment appointment slots..

5.3.4 Choose and click any open slot from the appointment slot page

5.3.5 In the Description text box type your Temporary ID Number and the amount to be paid

5.3.6 Click SAVE to book and confirm your preferred payment schedule.


5.3.7 You should receive an email confirming your preferred booking slot. You should also be able to see the real-time status of your booking on your Google Calendar.

On the set appointment date PRINT or SAVE the booking confirmation from your Google Calendar on your mobile phone.

Note that this will be validated in real-time against the PAYMENT APPOINTMENT CALENDAR by security personnel. Should there be a discrepancy between the two, then the REAL-TIME PAYMENT APPOINTMENT CALENDAR WILL BE FOLLOWED. 


After payment, visit the AUF Bookstore, Tuesdays to Thursdays, 9 am to 5 pm, at the ground floor of the Administration Building, AUF main campus, for the school uniform measurement, purchase of cloth and claiming of PE uniform (if applicable).