New student Admission Procedure


Step 1: Viewing of subjects to enroll

1.1 Open an Internet browser and go to From the AUF webpage, scroll down to the quick links menu and click MyAU Live. This will direct you to AUF’s School Information System (MyAU) portal.

1.2  From the MyAU Portal, click Parents and Students from the MyAU menu

1.3  Login to your account by typing your Temporary ID Number in the Username text box and click Proceed Next.

1.4 Type your Temporary ID Number in the Password text box and click Login Now.

1.5 Upon successful login, you will be given access to the MyAU menu.  For your protection, it is recommended  that you first change your temporary password. To do this go to Personal Info and click Change Password.

1.5.1 To set a new password you are required to enter the old password and create a new one.

1.5.2 Click Save to confirm your New Password


1.6 For the viewing of subjects, from the MyAU Menu go to Online Advising Access and click View Advised Subjects & Assessment to view  the subjects and Assessment that you will be taking for the semester.

1.7 After you click the View Advised Subjects & Assessment, a print page will appear. It is advisable to print the Student Enrolment Load for your future reference.

1.8 Verify the subject(s) and assessment. Should you have concerns with the advised subject(s) and assessment, please contact your college 


1.8.1 Verify the Subjects(s)

1.8.2 Verify the Assessment

Step 2 : Payment

From the MyAU Menu click Enrollment and select View Payment Instruction. Read and follow the payment guide.


Step 3(After Validation of Payment) Activation of MyAU (SchoolAutomate), MyClass (Canvas), Official AUF email accounts

Once payment has been made and validated, you will be issued a PERMANENT ID NUMBER. This unique number will be used to identify you in system assisted transactions during your stay in the university. It is best that you keep this number in mind and treat it with confidentiality.

You can find this information through the following :

  1. The official receipt of your payment for enrollment 
  2. By visiting the MyAU portal and logging in using your temporary ID and password with reference from step 1.1 to step 1.4.


Kindly  follow the steps below to activate your MyAU account. 


3.1 Activate MyAU (SchoolAutomate) account


3.1.1 Login using permanent ID NUMBER in the textbox and click Proceed.


3.1.2 Type your permanent ID number in the textbox and click Login Now.


3.1.3 Creation of permanent username. 

Username is prefixed with AUF with minimum length of 4 characters:

ex. AUFMaria

3.1.4 Creation of password a minimum length of 4 characters:

3.1.5 Click Save to save the new password.

3.1.6 After saving, you will receive a message "Login ID and Password successfully changed.". This means you have successfully created your account, Click here to login, this will redirect you to the login page.

Once logged in, you will be presented with the dashboard where you can  view your official AUF email and MyClass (Canvas Learning Management System) accounts as illustrated below. 

Kindly note that after validation of payment, it may take a couple of days for the accounts to be generated.


3.2 Official AUF email account


3.3 MyClass (Canvas) account

Following the guidelines on the implementation of Modified General Community Quarantine, ONLY 15 to 59 y/o with system confirmed booking schedules will be allowed entry to the main campus for the processing of payment.

For enrollment queries and concerns, you may text or call the following colleges’ hotlines:

For Admissions concerns:


College of Allied and
Medical Professions

College of Business and
General Inquiries 
Marketing Management
Tourism Management
Hospitality Management   
 Management & Entrepreneurship / Human Resource Management 
College of Arts and 

AB Communication 
College of Criminal 
Justice Education
College of Computer 
College of Engineering 
and Architecture

General Inquiries
Civil Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Computer Engineering / Architecture
College of Education (+63)919-635-8645
College of Nursing

Graduate School (+63)995-845-2270