As information resource center of the institution, the University Library provides the following various services to the entire AUF community.

  • Bibliographic Services
    Access to information contained in different resources regardless of format (print and non-print) is done thru cataloging and classification of resources and indexing of articles contained in journals and in selected monographs. These activities will enable the users/clients to locate the items appropriate to their information needs. Aside from the technical preparations of library materials, the library may provide list of bibliographies based on specific needs of the requesters.
  • User Education Services
    User education or library instruction is provided through various training programs particularly on the use of the online databases. A library orientation program is conducted at the start of every semester to familiarize the incoming new students with the facilities, resources and services offered by the University Library.
  • Current Awareness Services (CAS)
    This is a service provided by the library staff to alert library users of recently published and acquired literature in their field of specialization.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
    The purpose of this service is to periodically notify a faculty member of new publications, report literature, and other sources of information in subjects in which he/she has specified an interest.
  • Reference and Information Services
    The University Library aspires to create awareness among the users of its various resources and services through reference services. It aims to meet the information needs of its patrons through the library staff's assistance in answering substantive questions, instructing users in the selection and use of appropriate tools and techniques for finding information, conducting searches on behalf of the patrons, directing users to the location of the library resources, assisting in the evaluation of information and referring patrons to resources outside the library when appropriate.
  • Referral Services
    The library aims to satisfy the information needs of library users. However, if there are no available resources despite of exhaustive researching done by the library staff, users are referred to the other libraries/ information centers or via library linkages and affiliated networked libraries, i.e., SEAMEO Innotech, PAARLNet, Thomas Jefferson Information Center, HERDIN of PCHRD thru Central Luzon Health Research and Development Consortium (CLHRDC).
  • Internet & Multimedia Services
    The Library staff provides asistance in locating informaiton sources available in the internet. It also collects, maintains, and services a collection of multimedia resources such as CD-ROM's, video recordings, transparancies, slides and maps to keep abreast with technological advancements. Other services include printing and scanning. Students enjoy unlimited access to internet.

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